Monday, 17 June 2013

Cloud Atlas

Mood Type: Bored,Upset,Depressed

Type: Adventure/Drama/Sci-fi
Length: 172 minutes
My Rating (out of 10):7
One word description: Mysterious

It is a compilation of various stories in the past, present and future which show how humans and their actions are all interconnected with each other.

  • There are quite a few stories which at the start seem overly mysterious and complex however I assure you with time the plot becomes more understandable.
  • The action is very fast paced and unpredictable. Within 5 minutes a story changes upside down to something you didn’t think was possible.
  • The characterization is absolutely amazing. Although, the one thing that they could have improved is Tom Hanks fake teeth because they were too perfect and red-carpet white for a 19th century story plot.
     Spoiler Alert: Surprisingly the teeth stayed in place for the whole  duration of the film!

Worth Watching: Yes
Worth Paying For: Yes
Would I watch it again?:Possibly

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