Thursday, 20 June 2013

Beautiful Creatures

 For Mood Type:Romantic,Relaxed

Type:Drama/Fantasy/Romance (2013)
Length: 124 minutes
My rating (out of 10):6
One word description:Romantic

 Strange incidents take place in the small southern town following the arrival of  Lena ()  a member of much disliked and feared family.However,Ethan () fascinated by the mysterious girl despite the warnings tries everything to get her attention.Will they be able to uncover and solve the secrets of their families and their town?

Sum up:
  • Believable and genuine acting on the part of the dark characters which  will sometimes make you wonder if this film is really just a rom-com .The role played by and    are particularly concrete and add a great twist. 
  • Overall a good story plot but not innovative or developed enough to last the whole 124 minutes without beginning to be repetitive and uninteresting.
  • There are a few comedy scenes which successfully break away from the tension of the film but I think the director could have squeezed a few more.
A light and feel good movie which will possibly put you in a good mood but does not contain anything that you haven't already seen before.

Would I watch it again?: No

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