Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Spring Breakers:Review

If you are looking for a film that will be:inconclusive,frustrating and tiresome

Type:Drama (2012)
Length: 94 minutes
My rating (out of 10):3
One word description:Senseless

Overview: A group of teenagers rob a restaurant to pay for their dream summer break holidays and get away from the bleakness and dulness of the reality.The trip ends up being more than they bargained for when they get arrested and bailed out by a drugs and arms dealer Alien (James Franco) who wants them to work for him.

 Sum-up of what to expect:
  • Interesting concept but extremely poorly executed and excessively overdrawn.
  • Scenes of topless people partying on the beach repeatedly shown for an unidentified reason.
  •  A story about friendship,freedom,peer pressure and self discovery
  • Multiple scenes of teenagers partying recklessly or having sexual intercourse.
  • Characters singing Britney Spears songs together (yes really)
  • Many scenes in which women are marginalised, objectified and presented as nothing more than toys for boys
  • Unrecognizable James Franco who plays a drugs and arms dealer Alien. 

Conclusion: A dull film about friendship and self-discovery which demonstrates an extremely stereotypical and delusive portrayal of women and teenagers and lacks any kind of a moral lesson.

  Would I watch it again?No

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Safe Haven:Review

If you are looking for a film that will be:a decent romance,mysterious and with a great twist

Type:Drama/Mystery/Romance (2013)
Length: 115 minutes
My rating (out of 10):7
One word description: Surprising

Overview: Alex ( )a single parent of two, falls in love with a mysterious girl Katy ( )who shows up out of nowhere in Southport,North Carolina.He tries everything to get her attention, but Katy seems very cautious and afraid ,haunted by a secret she is desperately trying to run away from.


Sum up of what to expect:
  • An intriguing story plot
  • A jaw dropping twist at the end
  • Above average, decent romantic story
  • Genuine and believable chemistry between the two main characters
  • The extremely beautiful and relatively unknown who plays Katie
  • The absolute eye candy that is  who portrays  Alex
  • A bit of suspense and tension 
  • A film that will work perfectly as a chick-flick
Here's the trailer:

Song from the movie worth listening to:


Conclusion: A cleverly written and  very well produced romantic film which although has a few over dramatic scenes has an astonishing twist and is overall a feel-good,heartwarming movie which is not too sloppy or unnecessary cringe.

Would I Watch it again?:Probably


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Despicable Me 2:Review

If you are looking for a film that will be: funny,exceptionally well animated and will put the whole family in a great mood.

Type:Animation/Comedy (2013)
Length: 98minutes
My rating (out of 10):8
One word description: Brilliant

Overview: Gru (Steve Carell) has to work together with Agent Lucy Wilde (Kristin Wigg) to help an Anti-villain organization conquer a new super villain.

Sum-up of what to expect:
  • A remarkable story plot which will hook you right from the beginning
  • Scenes full of hilarious and ridiculous situations
  • A story about the importance of love and family
  • A moral
  • The extremely cute as usual minions
  • A movie which is designed for a 3D experience so if you like 3D I promise it will be worth it paying a little extra!
  • But if you're not a 3D fan because like me the glasses make your eyes hurt then don't worry because the film also works really well in 2D

Here's the trailer:

The greatest teaser ever:

 Conclusion: A charming and imaginative animation movie which will entertain everyone no matter the age.

Would I watch it again?: Yes

Have you seen it? Are you willing to admit you enjoyed it even if you are above the age of 6?
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Gangster Squad :Review

If you are looking for a film that will be: based on a true story,about honour and fighting with injustice and full of old school type gangster action 
Type: Crime/Drama/Action (2013)
Length: 113 minutes
My rating (out of 10):6
One word description: Violent


Overview: In Los Angeles ,1949 a war weteran and now a police officer Karl Lockwood ( ) sets up a secret gang to bring down the ruthless gangster Mickey Cohen and demolish his control over the City of Angels once and for all.

Sum-up of what to expect:
  • Great performance by Sean Penn
  • Lots of shooting and killing scenes
  • Romance
  • Predictable story plot
  • Believable sceneography which transfers you into the era
  • Ryan Gosling playing the usual Ryan Gosling
  • Attempt to make a moral point
  • Beautiful as always Emma Stone 

Here's the trailer:

Conclusion: A  mostly event less and foreseeable movie which consists of nothing more interesting than a few brutal fighting scenes and talks about honor and justice.

Would I watch it again?:No 

Warning:This is not a film about Ryan Gosling.His role is actually relatively small.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Unfinished Song (Song for Marion)

If you are looking for a film that will be:calming and heartwarming

Type: Comedy/Drama/Music (2012)
Length: 93 minutes
My rating (out of 10):5
One word description: Moving

Overview:Arthur Harris is a cynical and miserable pensioner.After the death of his wife Marion he joins a choir OAP'z which she belonged to and loved as they prepare for a choir competition.He tries to rebuild a relationship with his estranged son,James and his granddaughter Jennifer.

Sum-up of what to expect: 
  • Many genuinely hilarious scenes
  • Great performance by ( ) who plays the role of Arthur as well as the young and beautiful British actress ( ) who took the role of the singing teacher.
  • Forsseable story plot 
  • A story about love and family

Here's the trailer:

Conclusion: A feel-good movie with predictable but nevertheless emotional and heartwarming story.

Would I watch it again:No

Have you seen it? Did you like it?
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Now You See Me

If you are looking for a film that will be:impressive,disorienting and canny

Type: Crime/Thriller (2013)
Length: 115 minutes
My rating (out of 10):7
One word description: Ingenious

Overview: A group of skillful street magicians are recruited by an unknown employer to put on the most spectacular magic shows ever seen.Their tricks become suspicious after in one of the shows they rob a bank and make the money fall out of the sky rewarding the audience.However,with no real  evidence to arrest them FBI agent Dylan Rhodes ( ) and Interpol detective Alma ( ) have to figure out the magic behind the tricks and catch them red handed to prevent the next robberies.But can they prove it is not all just an illusion?

 Sum-up of what to expect:
  • Star studded cast including: Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher,Morgan Freeman,Michael Caine and many more!
  • Extremely clever and unforeseen story plot with lots of action,suspense as well as humour
  • A film full of special effects some of which were more believable than the others.
  • Although  not necessarily needed ,there is also romance.
Here's the trailer:

A bewildering and exciting movie which will keep you guessing till the very end.

Would I watch it again? Yes

Have you seen it? Did you like it?
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Monday, 8 July 2013

The Great Gatsby

If you are looking for a film that will:be romantic,theatrical and expressive

Length: 109 minutes
My rating (out of 10):6
One word description: Utopian

Overview:  A story of Nick (Tobey Maguire ) a Midwestern war veteran who reflects on his life metamorphosis after moving to a township outside Manhattan and meeting a wealthy and mysterious Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio)  who leads an extravagant life overfilled with power, fame and grand parties.

Sum-Up of What to Expect:
  • Great performances from well known actors including Isla Fisher,Joel Edgerton,Adelaide Clemens and Elizabeth Debicki.
  • An old style romance
  • Beautiful and carefully designed scenography and costumes
  • Scenes full of theatrical and over dramatic execution which sometimes make the story quite irritating and dull.
  • Admirable soundtracks from artists such as Lane Del Rey, Kanye West & Jay Z  and Beyonce which suit perfectly the mood and style to the film adding a modern twist

 Here's the trailer:

Songs from the film worth listening to:


 Conclusion: An artistic and picturesque adaptation of the first published in 1952 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald which lacks a thrilling storyline but contains exceptional scenography ,costumes and music which will bring you into the extravagant world of Gatsby.


Would I watch it again? Probably not

Have you seen it? Did you like it?
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In Time

If you are looking for a film that will:be different,exciting and full of suspense

Type: Action/Sc-fi/Thriller
Length: 109 minutes
My rating (out of 10):6
One word description: Impressive

In a world where everyone remains looking 25 and are engineered to live just one more year unless they can buy,steal or inherit more time Will (Justin Timberlake) lives from day to day and counts his every minute.
 After being accused of murder and running away with a hostage (Amanda Seyfried) a daughter of an influential businessman  he has to find a way to change or destroy the unjust system which allows the rich to live forever whilst the poor fight to survive another day.

 Sum-up of what to expect:
  • A great concept for a story line which is unique and breath-taking from the beginning
  • Suspense and action throughout the whole of the film
  • A bit of Bonnie and Clyde
  • Many familiar faces from The Big Bang Theory has a small part as well as Alex Pettyfer and Olivia Wilde

Here's the trailer:

Conclusion: An action and suspense-full film with great storyline.

Would i watch it again? Yes

Have you seen it? What did you thought about it?
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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Bling Ring hits the big screen in UK and Ireland

 "The Bling Ring" a film written and directed by Sofia Coppola has been released onto the big screen today in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Starring a very young,talented cast including Emma Watson and Israel Boussard it recounts the story of celebrity and fame obsessed group of teenagers who break into and rob the houses of Hollywood most famous celebrities of their most valuable possessions.

The storyline was inspired by a Vanity Fair article "The suspects wore Louboutins" and based on real crime events which have happened in 2008-2009 in Los Angeles. The real "Bling Ring" stole approximately $3 million in cash and belongings and their victims included Paris Hilton, Megan Fox ,Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.

 Here's the trailer:

Paris Hilton  has even allowed the film crew into her mansion to film some of the scenes. The audience will therefore have a chance  to see the many weird and wonderful things from the mansions of  Hollywood celebs such as the pillows with Paris's face on them (yes seriously)

Will it be a great movie which will highlight our celeb obsessed generation or just a predictable and uneventful film?

Are you planning to watch it?

Share your opinion in the comment section below!