Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Monsters University tops the US Box Office for the second week!

 The new Disney Pixar animation movie "Monsters University" has managed to secure a number 1 position in the US Box office (most popular and biggest revenues films) for  the second week running.

  It has beaten both Fox's comedy "The Heat" (number 2) starring Sandra Bullock and Mellisa McCarthy and Brad Pitt's newest zombie horror movie "World War Z" (number 3) and within the two weeks the film made approximately $46.1 (£32 million).

Also, according to IMDB website of upcoming releases "Monsters University has risen by 266%!

The film is a prequel which will show us the lives of our favourite monsters Mike and Sulley during their time in education at Monster University were they were not exactly best friends.

Here's the trailer: 

Will it be able to stay at the top spot for the third week? Have you seen it yet or are you planning to watch it?

Share your opinion in the comment section below or else....

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