Monday, 3 March 2014

Acadamy Awards:10 of the funniest,weirdest and the wonderful moments from the Oscars

      The award season has once again come to an end <insert slow sigh>,but it has most definitely finished with a bang.  From  Jennifer Lawrence falling all over the place,John Travolta inventing a new performer of  the song  "Let it Go" through to  Ellen handing out pizzas to the hungry looking celebs and then taking twitter crashing selfies the 86th Academy Awards were full of excitement,glamour and most importantly celebration of yet another year of fantastic and unforgettable movies.

    Therefore,if for unknown reasons you did not stay up until 5a.m to watch all of it(walk away in shame)here are the best moments from the Oscars:

1)  Olivia Wilde made everyone stare in jealousy and awe on the red carpet and demonstrated how to properly show off a baby bump with style and class in a stunning Valentino gown, arm in arm with her fiancé  Jason Sudeikis.

  2)Jimmy Kimmel tried to make Oscar tweeters feel remorseful and guilty for watching and judging in pj's and mismatching socks surrounded by snacks

3). Jennifer Lawrence fell.Again.And before the ceremony has even began! But by now it has to be considered as somewhat a tradition,and as we all know traditions have to be kept.

4)Ellen attempted to feed all the starving celebrities and bought 2 pizzas.It took her approximately 4 minutes of screen time to find volunteers. Ah only in Hollywood...

6).She then took a celeb-full selfie in an attempt to break a record for the most retweets.More succesively than anticipated by the twitter programmers,with more than 2.5k retweets has crashed the whole server.

6)John Travolta made a  small  pronunciation error in the name of Idina Menzel introducing her as Adele Dazim.It happpens, right?

7) "Frozen" won two Academy Awards! One for the best animated feature and later another one for the best song "Let it Go" performed by the wonderful and talented Adele Dazim Idina Menzel.

8).Lupita Nyong'o received a well deserved Oscar for the best actress in a supporting role and stole the hearts of the audience by giving an inspiring acceptance speech about the importance of following your dreams.

9). Matthew Mcconaughey took home  arguably the most prestigious award of the night,receiving his first Oscar for his exceptional lead role in the Dallas Buyers Club,but made a bizzare speech about being his own hero which got a mixed reviews from the crowd and most likely crushed Leonardo DiCaprio even more.

10).Lastly, the most important event of the night:Leonardo DiCaprio did not win an Oscar! This caused shock and tears for all the fans but on the bright side it has also led to some incredibly funny gifs.

Here are a few of the best:

Don't worry Leo ,there is always next year!

Did you guess all the winners?
What was your favourite moment of this years Oscars?
Did you cry with DiCaprio or celebrated with Mcconaughey?

Share your comments in the section below!


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